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Helping parents, schools, and professionals to navigate the complex legal system of special educational needs and Education, Health & Care Plans.

Terms and Conditions


Every care is taken to ensure this website and associated material includes accurate information, but inaccuracies can of course occur. If you believe some information is incorrect, please contact me as soon as possible on:

Bright Futures does not give legal advice. It presents legal information and advises on action forward based on experience and your own individual circumstances. Bright Futures does not take any responsibility for you relying on their information and advice as an alternative to seeking legal advice.

Bright Futures has 2 directors: Ruth Bright and Robert Morello. Information will be shared with both to ensure quality. 

Gmail is used to send and receive emails. Bright Futures cannot be held responsible for the security of personal data if information is provided by email by parties involved. Bright Futures will always ask for consent to share personal information. 

Bright Futures is also starting to use a new, bespoke, online tracker. This is being built by a third-party who has signed a confidentiality agreement and is well known to Bright Futures as a reliable and referenced member of staff. Only Bright Futures' staff will have access to this tracker. The tracker is fully encrypted.

Terms & Conditions

 ·      Bright Futures Ltd will help you to prepare for Tribunals & Appeals, but it cannot guarantee tribunal success.

·      Cases will be taken on by Bright Futures Ltd in accordance with the company ethos & values – taking account of the student voice & best interest first & foremost. 

·      The Provider will maintain formal procedures/systems for the keeping of accurate records that fully comply with the relevant legislation and regulations. These will be made available to the Purchaser and/or the Learner on request. 

·      All Learners have a right to privacy and, therefore, all information and knowledge relating to the Learner will be treated as confidential. For information to be shared with Bright Futures Ltd and Tribunal/ LA we require consent from students over 16 years of age. 

·      If a dispute arises out of these terms & conditions, the Parties will use best endeavours to settle the dispute by negotiation. 

·      Written notice of any contracts will be send if the other party is in serious breach of the T&Cs (which for the avoidance of doubt includes a failure to pay the fees due)

·      Termination of the Contract shall not prejudice the rights of either party or of the young person.

 ·      Neither Party will be liable for delay or failure to perform the obligations of the T&C if the delay or failure result from circumstances beyond their reasonable control including but not limited to Act of God, Government Act or direction, War, Explosion or Civil Commotion or Industrial Dispute (excluding disputes local to the Provider).  In the event of delay or failure arising from any such cause the Purchaser will have the right to make alternative arrangements for the provision of the service and both parties will have the right to seek to renegotiate the terms of any contracts in place. 

·      These T&C may be amended by Bright Futures Ltd at any time.

·      The T&Cs shall be subject to, construed, interpreted in accordance with English Law, and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England. 

·      A person who is not a party to these T&Cs may not enforce any of its terms under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

·      The Provider will inform the Purchaser immediately of any adaptation, change to or restriction placed upon the business that could affect the delivery of service. 

·      The fees payable by the Purchaser to the Provider will be detailed in a invoice and must be paid before services commence 

·      In the event that a service is required within 7 days of notice being given to Bright Futures, the price will be quoted at 100% more due to time needed to work out of hours to complete workloads (directors’ discretion).  Bright Futures does attempt to meet all your needs, but they might need to decline some cases if not feasible.  

Commissioning Bright Futures assumes agreement to the T&Cs & disclaimer