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Helping parents, schools, and professionals to navigate the complex legal system of special educational needs and Education, Health & Care Plans.

Register an Appeal

Register an Appeal

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Appealing an EHCP

Register the Appeal with Bright Futures


Sometimes you may feel like it is necessary to challenge a decision that has been made by the local authority, with regards to your child’s EHCP.

You can challenge at 3 key points of the EHC process:

1) If the Local Authority refuses to assess your child for an EHCP

2) If the Local Authority, after assessing, refuses to issue a plan

3) If the Local Authority issues a plan, but you feel that parts B and F are not an accurate reflection of your child’s needs and provision to support those needs. Subsequently, you may decided that whatever school named in Section I is unable to meet need.

Bright Futures is very experienced in registering appeals. If you would like us to summarise your case for you for tribunal purposes, please get in touch.

Click the link below to select the ‘register appeal’ service. You are then prompted to book a date and time for when you would like Bright Futures to register your appeal by. This allows the team to manage your case in time. Once payment is complete, Bright Futures will start your appeal.

You can also book a 20 minute consultation with Ruth to chat though this option!

Remember, you can always chat with us to learn more about this service and to see whether you have a case to take forward, by clicking the ‘hello’ icon on your screen below!

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