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Helping parents, schools, and professionals to navigate the complex legal system of special educational needs and Education, Health & Care Plans.

Paperwork and EHC Check

Do you need your Education, Health and Care Plan checking?

If you want to book an EHC check, please click the button above and select the EHC and paperwork check option. This will automatically direct you to a calendar. On this calendar you need to let us know exactly when you need the check doing by and when you would like Bright Futures to feed back to you about their findings. The feedback will take place during an telephone appointment on the date you select so make sure you are free!

Once selected, and as long as the time slot is free, you will be asked to make the purchase.

Once you have made the purchase, you will be send a welcome pack and directed to upload all your files to our system so we can start the check ASAP.

What an EHC check involves

We use our professional eye and expertise to check through all your paperwork and education, health and care plan.

As a pre-requisite we always ask to check through all your paperwork before completing the check of the EHCP itself. This is because we need to absolutely know exactly what is involved in your case before checking through the EHCP itself. We pride ourselves on quality work and feel that this allows your to get the absolute most out of our expertise.

On the day of completion, you will be given a report following the paperwork and EHC Check. The paperwork check report is for your use (e.g. may recommend action to take), whilst the EHCP check can be sent directly to the Local Authority to ask for amendments, be used at annual review, and also be used as information to submit to a tribunal.

To avoid disappointment, we suggest you book a check before you are at a point of crisis. If you know that you will be receiving a draft plan in the next few months, it is best to purchase this option in advance to secure the EHC check during the 15 days that you need it.

You can easily select a date by which you need the EHC check completing, by selecting ‘book now’ above.

The cost of this package is £350. This amounts to approximately 15 hours of work at Bright Futures to make sure everything is absolutely of the best standard. There is an option just to get a paperwork check, if you do not yet have an EHCP. This option is £240.

If you wish to talk further about this, book a 20 minute consultation with Ruth and chat through it further by clicking below!