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Helping parents, schools, and professionals to navigate the complex legal system of special educational needs and Education, Health & Care Plans.

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Talking about Education, Health and Care Plans, and how to support parents and professionals through the complex process.

NEWS: Ombudsman Decision in Sheffield

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Sheffield Education Health and Care Plan.PNG

A parent in Sheffield has made a successful complaint to the Ombudsman, against the council.

Like many many EHCP cases in Sheffield (and nation wide) the councils have delayed finalising this plan, which has resulted in a delayed allocation of appropriate placement - i.e. no education.

Again, like many of our families have experienced, this parent also experienced poor communication and poor complaints handling. Does this sound familiar?

The ombudsman found the council at fault. The council has been directed to pay the parent £1500 for the injustice caused.

Are you in a similar situation and would like to complain to the Ombudsman?

If so, make sure you have completed the formal complaints procedure through the LA first. We help families with Ombudsman complaints. Get in touch here:

Read more about the ombudsman case here: Sheffield City Council (17 014 246)